Airbag Products and Services

We diagnose and repair, damaged, malfunctioning, deflated Airbags after an accident. Regardless of the brand of your Airbags whether you want to bring your vehicle for diagnosis or send us your deployed airbags by courier. Our services include repairs and maintenance of the following Airbags; driver airbag, front dashboard airbags, side airbags, rear and ceiling airbags. Airbag Doctor guarantees all Airbag repairs done by our company.
We repair damaged or deployed Dashboards due to an accident. Whatever the cause may be, we can repair it for you. Bring your car in and let our expert team strip, repair, refit, and colour match your  Dashboard. Saving your money rather then getting a new Dashboard.
Our services include the restoration of Dashboards depending on make and model. We are now able to repair any condition of the dashboard.

Driver Airbag Repairs
We repair deformed or deflated Steering wheel airbags whether by refitting a new gas generator, matching color, pattern as the original. You will see the difference with us.

Airbag Module Reset
Our company repairs most of the  Airbag ECU control modules. Whether your Airbag Control Module is malfunctioning or crash data needs to be erased.
Once a vehicle has detected an impact or deployed any airbag component the airbag module will have stored crash data. Normal diagnostic computers cannot erase this crash data but we have the equipment & technical capability to remove the crash data from your original airbag module which will allow you to re-use it rather than buying new.

Seat Belt Repairs
Damaged or locked Seat belts for various reasons, can be repaired or replaced by our technicians.  Please bring in your vehicle for diagnostics or send us your seat belts for repairs (seat belts repaired mechanically only).

SRS and Airbag Repairs
Airbag keeps you alive.
We have built our reputation by providing specialized airbag repair and diagnostic services to our wholesale customers so they get cars repaired quickly, at a low cost, without compromising safety.
Our technicians diagnose airbags and electrical system problems. This specialization means we can quickly estimate airbag issues and often repair them for considerably less than your on-site repair facilities.

Contact Airbag Service so you know exactly what the airbag light will cost.