FIRST AID AT AIRBAG FAILURES is not only your partner for airbag components, we are also experts at solving problems with airbag systems. Furthermore, we can help you with resetting airbag modules. Additionally, we can measure individual components and carry out a complete airbag system readout.

There are a number of known error codes that can be resolved by repairing the airbag module. To check if your airbag module can be repaired, see THIS list of error codes.

Also there are know error codes that are not related tot he airbag module, but for which we can still offer the right solution. Therefor see THIS list of error codes.

Even if your code is not on the list, we may still be able to offer you a suitable solution. Feel free to contact us for more information, naturally without obligation


More than 10 years of experience
Airbags for all Brands
Belt replacing within 1 day
Airbagmodule reset within 1 day
Pretensioner repair within 1 day
1 year warranty